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Mandy Mendoza

I had the please of joining The Mighty Spoon and Conscious Coven on a virtual cooking class and I cannot even begin to explain how much fun I had. Even more noteworthy, the meal we prepared was fantastic, simple, and easy to put together. Maite did an amazing job coaching us and imploring us to cook intuitively which I thought was so cool. I am looking forward to the next one!

Maria Gotay

Maite is by far the hardest working and most creative chef I've ever worked with! Every time I come to her with an idea, she responds with creative solutions within budget. On top of her innovative nature, her food is beyond outstanding. She places ingredients and health first and is always giving back to the Austin community. 11/10 Maite is the best!

Lala R

I can not believe I cooked something this good! The food is amazing, the class was informative and fun and I will probably remember this for the rest of my life. Food always brings people together, even in these crazy quarantine times! Thanks Maite for this wonderful experience!

Dan H.

Maite planned the most exciting cooking class/dinner party for my birthday. Everything was virtual and my friends and I each got to learn new skills in our own kitchens. It was such a good time! Maite was an excellent host and I can't express how awesome it was for everyone. This party cured me of my COVID anxieties, taught me valuable skills, and brought me closer to my friends. Thank you, Maite!

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